Buyers prices

$1,100.00 USD

The prices of local buyers for the product or service under study are stated in order to determine the characteristics of their negotiation.


A report will be delivered with the following data and their respective conclusions:

A comparative table will be made of the 5 main local buyers selected based on the requirement including the following variables:

1. Name of the company
2. Profile description
3. Nationality of the company
4. Contact details of 1 person in the sales area (Name, position, direct telephone, cell phone (if provided), email, 2 possible social networks of the person (if you have them: linkedin and twitter preferably) , website of the company, 2 possible social networks of the company (linkedin / facebook and twitter of preference) and physical address).
5. Years of buyer experience in the target market / country.
6. Average purchase times
7. Local prices to which the buyer usually acquires the tariff item under study
8. Discounts expected or customary by the buyer can be applied to the sub-item by volume


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