We offer the opportunity of obtaining professional experience through international internships.

Here, you will be able to get to know the business culture and the entrepreneurial system of the country where you are doing your internship at the same time as you develop demanding and challenging jobs that help you develop and learn new skills.

If you want to do a remote internship, the opportunities increase to more than 30 countries in America, and costs are reduced since transportation, housing, and other expenses are eliminated. This way, a virtual internship is a perfect option for a sustainable and cost-efficient way of obtaining professional experience.

Additionally, we offer the opportunity of Spanish, English and Portuguese classes during your internship period.


Doing an international and virtual internship with Dcobys let you gain very meaningful experiences in the entrepreneurship field.

We have specialized placing our interns in a very active, innovating and fast growing companies which let you be in an evolving ecosystem. It helps you develop skills which will impact positively your personal and professional career.

You will definitely will have a great networking which will open you a new business opportunities for the near future.


  • Architecture I Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sustainable Environmental Design
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Arts Education I Arts Management
  • Broadcasting
  • Cultural Resources I Museums
  • Design I Film
  • Performing Arts I Visual Arts
  • Accounting I Consulting I HR
  • Insurance I Real Estate
  • Advertising
  • Journalism I Marketing Public
  • Relations I Publishing
  • Teaching I Education
  • Technology Education
  • Research Policy/Advocacy
  • Counseling I School Social
  • Work Speech Pathology I
  • Library
  • Aerospace
  • Civil and Environmental
  • Data Science I EECS I IEOR
  • Materials Science
  • Mechanical I Statistics
  • Forestry
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Lobbying I Think Tanks I Advocacy
  • Agriculture I Astronomy
  • Bioinformatics I Biostatistics
  • Biotechnology I Botany
  • Forensic Science I Genetics
  • Marine Science
  • Physics I Science Education
  • Civil & Human Rights
  • Non-Profit I Social Services


Virtual International internship can take place in any country in the American continent including:

Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominic Republic, Belize, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and among others.


Advisory and review of CV and cover letter in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

  • Interview with the participant about their areas of interest for the internship.
  • Workshop for international interview, protocol and etiquette abroad.
  • Introduction and sending information to the participant of potential companies for their international internship.
  • Schedule of interview and sending contact data of the interviewer.
  • Feedback to the participant of the interview result.

LinkedIn, facebook or instagram advisory for a profesional profile.

International workshops related to country internship traditions

  • Sessions for those students who are entrepreneur and would like to develop a new business or have one and want to expand it.
  • Introduction to startup hubs

Internship certification.

Additional Experiences Spanish, English and Portuguese Classes

Group: 5 Max – Duration: 1 hour
Levels: from A1 to C1

4, 6, 10 or 20 hours per week Program with native or bilingual teachers. You can study for the time you determine at your convenience. Learn the language for work, travel, study and everyday life situations.

Benefits include:
• Online, virtual instruction from any location
• Small group of participants in the virtual classroom
• Fixed timetable
• No travel time or travel costs

20 Hours : $500 USD
40 Hours: $960 USD
60 Hours: $1410 USD
80 Hours: $1760 USD

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