Analysis of Objective country

$1,100.00 USD

It establishes the most important characteristics of the target country, determining its high impact aspects for the development of international business.


A report will be delivered with the following data and their respective conclusions:
1. Population
2. GDP (USD Millions)
3. GDP per capita (USD)
4. Percentage growth GDP (%)
5. Percentage Devaluation rate (%)
6. Exchange rate (country / USD currency)
7. Bilateral exchange rate (foreign country currency / local currency)
8. Percentage Unemployment (%)
9. Percentage Inflation (%)
10. External debt
11. Foreign investment
12. International reserves

1. Type of government
2. Religion
3. Official language
4. Number of languages ​​spoken
5. Cultural proximity
6. Culture of openness to foreigners
7. Number of holidays
8. Economically active population
9. Employed population
10. Population unemployed
11. Colonies of foreigners
12. Weather
13. Geography
14. Capital


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