Technical data product exportable

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Elaboration of a file with relevant data required by government entities for the export and import of the tariff subheading under study.


A report (table) is made with the following data:

Company data
Name of the Company (legal name), address (street or external number, internal number, colony, delegation, postal code), city, country, contact (names and surnames of responsible), position, company telephone (code of country + city code + telephones), contact’s cell phone (country code + city + cell code), fax (country code + city code + phone number), e-mail, company’s website.

Product dates
1. Scientific name
2. Commercial name of the product
3. Tariff code
4. Product photography
5. Product description
6. Additional product information: raw material, supplies, color, size, weight, others.
7. Monthly production amount
8. Reference prices
9. Form of storage
10. Other features

Some additional information is required like the one shown below in the European Union

1. Description of the product and characteristics of production in country of origin
2. Current name
3. Tariff code
4. Number of exporting companies
5. Total volume exported
6. Main production areas
7. Importance of the EU market
8. Importance of the tariff heading in analysis in all products exported to the EU in the year of study
9. Entry requirements
10. Tariff treatment
11. Standard of origin
12. Phytosanitary
13, Other
14. Market information
15. Value of total imports last 3 years in millions of euros
16. Average price for the year under study
17. Main competitors and conditions of access in the year of study
18. Profile of main clients
19. Main importing countries
20. Ranking of the country of origin as a provider, and participation in the market in the year of study
21. Opportunities
22. Threats


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