Logistics Opening Company

$1,500.00 USD

It is the set of legal and administrative activities for the constitution of a company abroad. It is protocolized with the signature of the partners.


The document of incorporation of the company will be delivered to the partners who will protocol it with the signature and registration.” The variables that the document will include are as follows:

1. The name of the company is established, the availability of the name and acceptance by the corresponding entity is verified.

2. The type of company to be established is determined.

3. It includes the information of the partners, the contributions of the company and its composition.

4. Proxy selection is made legal issues and representation.

5. The sole or joint administrator is appointed.

6. The commissioner is enunciated if required.

7. The bylaws of the new company are drawn up, including the company name, presented to the members and the approved is received.

8. The signing of the bylaws is carried out, legally constituting the company.


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