International Business Internship 16 weeks

$2,000.00 USD

Generate excellent opportunities for professional expansion through work immersion in a foreign company through your international virtual internship. Enrich your knowledge with entrepreneurship and cultural workshops.

Duration: 16 weeks. The virtual international internship could be part-time, 25 hours, or full-time, 40 hours per week.


What does it include?
1. Interview with the participant about their areas of interest for the internship.
2. LinkedIn and social media consulting.
3. Advice on resume and cover letter in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
4. Presentation of a list of 3 potential companies to be approved by the participant.
5. Workshop on international interviews, protocol and etiquette abroad.
6. Scheduling of the interview.
7. Feedback to the participant on the outcome of the interview.
8. Confirmation to the participant of the acceptance by the company where the internship will take place.
9. Contact of the participant’s immediate boss and the person who will give the induction to the company.
10. 4 follow-ups of the development of the internship (during week 4, week 8, week 12 and week 16).
11. 3 intercultural workshops (each of 30 minutes).
12. 3 entrepreneurship counseling sessions during the internship (each one of 1 hour 30 min).
13. Introduction to 3 startup hubs in the country where you are doing your internship.
14. Certification of the international internship by the company or Dcobys.
15. Select your language option (English, Spanish or Portuguese) to improve your language skills. (Extra charge)


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