Country selection

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A detailed and in-depth analysis is carried out based on the most important criteria of 5 potential countries for the export of the tariff sub-item under study.


Identify up to 5 countries that are potential for the export of the product / service, evaluating each one with the following factors:

1. General selection criteria to. Which are the countries that most buy the product / service (product / service imports)? b. Which are the countries that consume the most product / service (total national production)? c. Which are the countries that most buy (total imports)? c. What are the largest markets (Total GDP)? d. Which countries grow the most (expected growth of GDP or total imports)? Based on the above criteria, 5 countries are chosen. Among those selected are those that the entrepreneur, by his knowledge wishes to be incorporated. The following criteria will be evaluated for the 5 countries: Direct selection criteria: to. Is the country geographically close to the company? b. Is the country culturally close to the company (product culture and negotiation)? c. Is it an accessible country? d. Is it an economically stable country for exports of the product / service? and. Is it a politically stable country for exports of the product / service?

2. Indirect criteria: to. Does the most important competitor of the company currently provide this product / service in this country? b. Has the company exported the product / service to this country? c. Has a request or requests for information or the product / service been received in this country? d. Does the entrepreneur have a particular interest in this country? and. Does the company have trained personnel to meet information or demand in this country? g. Is it known if the product / service is competitive in this country? The macro will be delivered with the comparison of the 5 countries and a report qualifying each country from 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to the country with the highest probability of success and 5 that of the least.


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