$1,100.00 USD

The channels suitable for the distribution of the product or service in the country / target market are listed, including important data of each one.


A report will be delivered with the following data and their respective conclusions:

A comparative table will be made of the 5 main channels selected based on the requirement including the following variables:

1. Name of the company
2. Profile description
3. Nationality of the company
4. Contact data of up to 3 people that generate value for the collection of this information (Name, position, direct telephone, cellular (if provided), email, 2 possible social networks of the person (if you have them: linkedin and twitter preferably), the company’s website, 2 possible social networks of the company (linkedin / facebook and twitter of preference) and physical address).
5. Years of experience of the company in the market / target country.
6. Business turnover of the company
7. Number of employees
8. Recognition of the company in the market / target country
9. Type of clients to whom it is addressed
10. Average delivery times


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