Business appointment by company

$130.00 USD

Collection of information of clients, suppliers, partners, investors or partners in a specific market, with the objective of scheduling and confirming a business appointment.


A report will be delivered with the scheduled appointment (s) and confirmed (s), the one (s) which will contain the following data:

1. Company data: Name, web page, 2 possible social networks of the company (linkedin / facebook and twitter of preference) and physical address.
2. Contact information with whom the appointment has been confirmed: Name, position, direct telephone, cell phone (if provided), email, 2 possible social networks of the person (if you have them: linkedin and twitter preferably.
3. Data of the appointment: Place (physical address including city, country and zip code), date, local time of the appointment. If the appointment is virtual, means through which the connection will be made (phone, skype, whatsapp) and their respective data.
4. Nearest parking place, metro station and bus stop.
5. Physical reference of the place.
4. Coordination contact details in case you arrive late, generate any eventuality in destination or require additional support to take the appointment. The data that will be stated are: Name, position, direct telephone, cell phone (if it is provided), email.


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