Analysis of logistic

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The types of means of transport available at the destination are determined to mobilize the tariff heading in the country / target market, including the risks associated with the development of local infrastructure.


A report will be delivered with the following data and their respective conclusions:

1. Identify and enunciate the characteristics of the types of terrestrial, maritime and aerial means (roads, ports, airports, etc.) available to transport the product.
2. Volume and availability of supply for logistics development (land cargo companies, railways, maritime transport, river transport, air transport, etc.)
3. Volume and availability of customs agents, warehouses and storage.
4. Local connectivity with the rest of the world through means of transportation for logistics.
5. Availability of information on the required documentation in the market / objective for product import
6. Analysis of 5 factors Risk / country for delivery of merchandise.
7. Five cultural aspects of negotiation with local logistics providers for the use of various means for product delivery


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